Silver halls and mithral doors
Stone walls to seal the cavern
Grander sights than e'er before
In smithy, mine, and tavern
Toil hard in endless night
In toast, oh, lift yer flagon!
Ye'll need the drink to keep ye right
At forge that bakes the dragon.
Come Delzoun, come one and all!
Rush to grab yer kin
And tell 'em that their home awaits
In grandest Gauntlgrym!
                                                                                                            - A dwarven marching song

In ages past the subterranean city of Gauntlgrym was the capital of the ancient dwarven Delzoun Empire. lts cavernous halls— some large enough to contain entire surface villages— were carved with unerring precision. their ceilings soaring scores of feet overhead. Towering statues of dwarven gods and heroes stood Vigil over chambers and thoroughfares. the least of which w s wide enough to march fifty dwarves standing abreast.

The mines of Gauntlgrym produced endless tides of iron. silver. gold, and mithral. and booming trade brought goods and wealth to the city from across Faerun. But it was the Great Forge that was the burning heart and true treasure of the city. Deep beneath the settled levels of Gauntlgrym. dwarven crafting and elven magic bound the slumbering primordial Maegera. a being of fire and destruction, harnessing its incredible powers to heat the forge. On anvils of adamantium blessed by priests of Muradin. great items of power were forged, their base material infused with a splinter of Maegeras essence. The unceasing wonders flowing from these forges helped make Gauntlgrym into one of the most magnificent cities Faerun has ever known.

Relations between the great empires of the elves, dwarves, and humans soured as the centuries passed. And so when numberless hordes of ores smashed into the north, each empire stood alone. The war was brutal and devastating. Gauntlgrym was swarmed by rampaging armies of ores, and the empire of Delzoun was overrun in the terrible fighting. Ultimately, the dwarves of Delzoun drove back the orcs, but at great cost. The once—mighty dwarven empire was left crippled, never to recover, and the great city of Gauntlgrym was left in the control of an orc horde.
It was humans from nearby Illusk who finally drove the orcs from Gauntlgrym, but their hold on the city proved just as short—lived, as foul creatures from the Undcrdarlt swarmed from the depths to claim Gauntlgrym as their own. Over the next thousand years, history  turned to legend. and mighty Gauntlgrym was all but forgotten on the surface world. lllithids, duergar, drow, and aboleth vied for control of the fallen city, its treasures, and the primordial still bound within its core. The draw House Xorlarrin eventually took Gauntlgrym, establishltlg a new city they called Q'Xorlarritt, producing weapons at the forge that they traded and used to pay tribute to Menzoberranzan.

ln recent years. the dwarf hero Bruenor Battlehammer was able to seize the fabled city back from its drow masters. Bruenor, along with his companions Wolfgang, Cattie-Brie, Regis, And Drizzt Du’Urdenn, gathered many allies from the surface world and nearby Underdark communities and retook the city. They prevented Maegera from being unleashed upon Faertin, and set about attempting to restore the city to its former glory. Bruenor now sits upon the Great throne  of Moradin, working to rebuild the city and keep it safe— even as a new threat looms in the depths of the Underdark


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